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Design Concept

Colour Painting by Joseph Cusimano - a Metaphysical Surrealist Artist :  'Persephone's Return' 1977.    Click here to go directly to the Official WebSite  -  Canada.

What meaning do words like 'People', 'Place', 'Building', 'Event' have in the process of design - whether it be architectural, industrial, engineering or spatial planning ?

What meanings should they have ?

What is the relationship between these different meanings ?

How, and when, should they impact on the critical development of a 'Design Concept' prior to actual construction or manufacture ?

Is 'Imagination' merely perception without sensation ?

What is 'Creativity' ?

Click thumbnails to view larger images ....

Gallery 1  - 'Place'
  Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Cuba & Former Yugoslavia  ........










Perception : Interpretation of sensory information by the brain, e.g. visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile or proprioceptive, with the aim of developing understanding prior to action.

Everybody has 6 Senses !

Sight ;
Hearing ;
Smell ;
Taste ;
Touch ;
Proprioception - The perception by a person of stimuli relating to his/her own position and movement in space, and his/her posture, equilibrium, and internal condition.

While input in the form of stimuli (real / virtual) is an essential feature of perception, other factors influence this process of interpretation, e.g. attention, constancy, motivation, organization, set, developmental maturation, illusion, distortion and hallucination.



Gallery 2  - 'People'
  Ireland, France, USA, Belgium, Italy, Cuba, Luxembourg & Former Yugoslavia  ........





Eidetic Imagery : Mental imagery which is vivid and persistent.

Important features of such imagery are - (a) that a person continues to 'see' a representation of a visual stimulus some time after it has been removed ; and (b) that this 'seeing' is a true visual image and not merely memory for the stimulus. Eidetic imagery is more common in children.




Gallery 3  -   'Building'
  Spain, Italy, Cuba, France, Former Yugoslavia & Ireland  ........





Understanding : An intuitive process whereby a person succeeds in knowing the deep significant meaning of a word, a concept, an event or an idea, etc.


Gallery 4  - 'Natural & Built Environments'
   Former Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany & Ireland  ........



Intuition : A mode of understanding, characterized as being direct, immediate and occurring without conscious thought or judgement, which is a response to subtle cues and relationships known implicitly.
Denotative Meaning : Meaning conveyed by the objects or instances to which a word refers, or by the generic idea or concept which is represented by that word.

Gallery 5  - 'Public Art'
   Austria, France, Cuba & USA  ........





Colour Painting by Camille Pissarro  -  an Impressionist Artist :   'Le Lavoir de Bazincourt' 1900.    Click here to go directly to the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, where it hangs in Room 22 on the Ground Floor (April 2005).


Gallery 6  - 'Social Environment'
   Italy ........

Il Palio, Servigliano (AP), Italia - Agosto 2001




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