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  Image showing the name of this Organization.  Sustainable Design International Ltd. - Ireland, Italy & Turkey - is a professional and multi-disciplinary design, engineering, research and consultancy practice.  Its mission is to engage in any and all activities relating to, or compatible with, the promotion and/or implementation of Sustainable Development generally, and Sustainable Design & Construction in particular.
On 26th August 2005, Sürdürülebilir Tasarim Tic.Ltd.Sti. was registered as a Limited Company in Turkey.  Company Registration Number - Bodrum 5945.
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You are very welcome to our Corporate WebSite ... which also supports our Technical Blog.

Sustainable Development is an intricate, open, dynamic and evolving concept .... and Sustainable Design involves far more than merely substituting the word 'sustainable' for 'green', 'environmental' or 'ecological'.  The full meaning of 'sustainable', as it is used in English, is not conveyed by the French word 'durable' .... or the German word 'nachhaltige'.

In order to develop our uniquely innovative, rights-based understanding of Sustainable Human & Social Development, we have referred back, in the first instance, to the full and complete definition of 'sustainable development' contained in the 1987 WCED (Brundtland) Report.  As Design Practitioners, then, our task is to apply the Principles of Sustainable Human & Social Development to frontline implementation ... across the wide range of highly specialized services we provide.  Accurate research and creative, lateral thinking are essential ...

Here, therefore, you will find some of the most up-to-date content on Sustainable Spatial Planning, Design, Construction, Fire Engineering & Research in the Human Environment.


Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation

Fire-Induced Progressive Building Collapse

Sustainable Fire Engineering

Accessibility for People with Activity Limitations (2001 WHO ICF)

CJ Walsh, SDI's Managing Director, regularly travels across many continents ... providing a Consultancy Service to Select Clients ... and making Presentations to International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. He has also drafted these KEY DOCUMENTS ...

2004 Rio Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing

1998 European Charter on Sustainable Design & Construction


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This WebSite serves as a practical working tool for our Organization, and our many clients ...... but our purpose in presenting it to you is threefold :

  • we wish to share our technical knowledge and expertise as widely as possible, and so make our contribution to authoritative content freely available in the Public Domain, i.e. Open Content ;
  • we would like to encourage you, in turn, to view this WebSite as an International Forum for the exchange of information and opinions on all Aspects of Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Design in particular ;
  • to implement Real Design Solutions, however, we feel it is also vital to advocate a very necessary Re-Evaluation of Political, Economic, Social, Environmental and Institutional Values in the 'developed' world - especially Europe.  The 'developed' world must also begin to understand the priorities, and the responsible social needs, of the 'developing' world.
" the revolution is not a social dinner, a literary event, a drawing, or an embroidery ;
it cannot be done with elegance and courtesy .... "

mao zedong

We invite you, therefore, to access international reference documents, charters, conventions, standards, and technical guidelines ;  to follow links to many other information sources ;  to observe trends in world developments, and much more ...... just a click away.  Come and go ...... feel at home ...... say "hi" if you wish.  Be assured that we will not collect or store information about you.

We update this WebSite on a regular basis.  So in order to find us again, please now or ...

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Earthrise.  Image taken from the Apollo 14 Spacecraft, showing the bright Earth, in a dense black 'sky', rising above the pale surface of the Moon.  Click here to go to NASA's Earth from Space WebSite.


(spatial planning, architectural / engineering / industrial design, e-design)
Sustainable Design & the Designer

We examine and explore Ethical Design ...... directly engaging the designer in re-shaping our world, by design, to meet the responsible needs, i.e. the Human & Social Rights*, of this generation - without stealing the life and living resources from future generations, especially our children ... and their children.

*As defined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN OHCHR).

Using the World Medical Association's Helsinki Declaration as a model document, we have proposed to the European Construction Sector that a similar Declaration be developed on ....

Ethical Principles for Design, Research & Construction
in the Human Environment

Pensare avanti !

This is an ambitious target which must ultimately result in the achievement of a dynamic and harmonious balance between our world - the 'built environment' - and a flourishing, not just a surviving, 'natural environment'.

Ethical Design demands a high level of horizontal integration and co-ordination, on the part of a Designer, across a very wide range of environmental, social, economic, institutional and political performance, before a 'design synthesis' can be properly expressed in reality.  This is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges posed by the concept of Sustainable Development.

Design Solutions must be appropriate to local geography, climate, economy, culture and social need, and be ......
      • 'person-centred' ;
      • 'reliability-based' ;
      • conform with the principles of 'SEED' (an acronym we introduced in 1995), i.e. Sustainable, Environment-friendly, Energy-efficient, Development ;
      • also conform with the principles of 'TEEN' (an acronym we introduced in 2004), i.e. Technically-feasible, Economically-viable, Ethically-informed, Need-demonstrated.

By definition, therefore, a 'universal' design solution is not sustainable.

Of course, this is not the whole story ......

Submission by CJ Walsh to the
EU Working Group on Urban Environment Research - May 2004

Policy Integration ~ Regional Implementation

Click Here to Download PDF
(PDF File, 398kb)


For All Our Children, and Their Children, Together !   Image showing a small group of children, with some smiling and others anxious, peering into the camera.


Anywhere there is, or has been, an intrusion by a human being
in the natural environment.

Comprising, and taken together as a complex whole ....

Social Environment
The complex network of real and virtual human interaction – at a communal or
larger group level – which operates for reasons of tradition, culture, business, pleasure,
information exchange, institutional organization, legal procedure, governance,
human betterment, social progress and spiritual enlightenment, etc.

The Social Environment shapes, binds together, and directs the future development of,
the Built (including Virtual) Environment.

See the 2004 Rio Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing !
Drafted by CJ Walsh.

Built Environment
Anywhere there is, or has been, a man-made or wrought (worked) intervention
by humans in the natural environment,
e.g. cities, towns, villages, rural settlements, service utlilities, transport systems, roads, bridges, tunnels,
and cultivated lands, lakes, rivers, coasts, seas, etc.
... including the Virtual Environment.

See the 1998 European Charter on Sustainable Design & Construction !
Drafted by CJ Walsh.

Virtual Environment
A designed environment, electronically-generated from within the
Built Environment, which may have the appearance, form, functionality and impact
- to the person perceiving and actually experiencing it -
of a real, imagined and/or utopian world.

Economic Environment
The intricate web of real and virtual human commercial activity – operating at micro and
macro-economic levels – which facilitates, supports, but sometimes hampers or disrupts,
human interaction in the Social Environment.

Institutional Environment

.... and still to be further developed.

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WebSite Accessibility

As a means of communication, a WebSite is the most appropriate for a professional presentation of specialized and highly inter-related information.  Here, the form of this presentation must be predominantly visual.  Nevertheless, it is our policy to make content as accessible as possible to the broadest range of potential users.

Accessibility is a fundamental attribute of a Sustainable Virtual Environment

If you wish to alter font size, contrast, or colours for easier reading, or to generate visual warnings when your system makes a sound, please go to the Accessibility Options on your own computer.

Many Tables and Graphic Images are used on this WebSite for construction and layout purposes only.  This will be indicated.  For legal reasons, however, two images on this particular WebPage are used to retain the integrity of text information concerning our Organization.

We welcome your views and comments.


Sustainable Design International Limited
  is registered as a Limited Company in the European Union (EU), under Irish Legislation.  The Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association have been specifically drafted to permit business operation in any part of the EU.

Graphic Image presenting our Mission Statement.  For legal reasons, the integrity of this text must remain intact.

Graphic Image presenting Company Registration Information for our Organization.  The integrity of this text must also remain intact.

Sustainable Design International Limited  is an autonomous and entirely independent Micro-Enterprise (SME), as currently defined by the European Commission - CEC DG Enterprise ....

Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC
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(PDF File, 122kb)

Sürdürülebilir Tasarım Tic.Ltd.Şti.  is also registered in Turkey as a Limited Company, under Turkish Legislation.

  Our Locations in the European Union (E.U.)  
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For the first time, Sustainable Design International Ltd introduces here the 'Accessibility Cue' as a standard entry point to a WebPage.  Keyboard Shortcut: 'Alt + A'