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Action Programme on Sustainable
Design & Construction


Rather than formulating a bland global model for Sustainable Design & Construction, separate responses must be developed for each of these very different regions ......

Northern Asia,
Central Asia,
the Middle East,
North America,
Central America & the Caribbean,
South America,
the Arctic,

...... in order to ensure the greatest degree of suitability to local geography, climate, economy, culture and need.

There are four major obstacles, however, which hinder or prevent this work from even beginning in many countries ......
  • the 'poverty trap' ;
  • severity of local geography and/or climate ;
  • the 'world view' of Washington and Wall Street ;
  • the arrogance of Europe.

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

The Least Developed Countries Report 2002
Escaping the Poverty Trap

Click Here to Download PDF
(PDF File, 3.61Mb)


Region of Europe

The European Union - because of a colonial history, its highly evolved legal base underpinning an extensive array of policies and action programmes relating to energy, environmental and sustainable development concerns, and because of specific commitments arising from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol - is well placed, and legally/morally obliged, to lead by example and produce a first comprehensive outline for one of these regional responses to the 1992 Rio Declaration and Agenda 21.

extract from the  European Charter on Sustainable Design & Construction

  1. Arriving at a Consensus on 'Sustainable Human and Social Development'

    Europe must decide, now and not later, whether its own future development, and its relationships with other global regions, will take the course of ........


    'business as usual' ;


    'business as usual - but with merely cosmetic tinkering at the edges' ;


    'sustainable human and social development'.

    The  European Charter on Sustainable Design & Construction  raises the issues which must be addressed, and the manner in which this decision should be made.

  2. A Sustainability Strategy & Futures Scenario for Europe

    The European Union already has an existing, highly evolved legal base which underpins an extensive array of policies and actions relating to sustainable human and social development. Together with the legally binding commitments agreed in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, Europe is well positioned, and morally bound, to produce a comprehensive 'sustainability strategy' for this century, with core values being social justice, solidarity and inclusion. The 1997 E.U. Amsterdam Treaty makes the formulation of this strategy a necessity. Existing futures scenarios should be revised to take account of the recent E.U. enlargement (2004-05-01), and the next phases of enlargement .... including Turkey.

    See one such Futures Scenario for Western Europe.

    2001 - Evironmental Issue Report No. 24

    Scenarios for International Environmental Assessments

    Click Here to Download PDF
    (PDF File, 434kb)
    U.S. National Intelligence Council's
    2020 Project
    Report 2004-13 of December 2004

    Mapping the Global Future

    Click Here to Download PDF

    (PDF File, 7.26Mb)

  3. European Action Programme on Sustainable Design & Construction for the
    21st Century

    Critically, emphasis must be placed on creative design, competent implementation, reliable targeting and benchmarking of performance - and a fundamental re-organization of our European institutional frameworks.

    Essential components in the Action Programme are ........


    the elaboration of detailed  construction related sustainability performance indicators
    at European, regional and local levels

    - and the development of a sustainability label award scheme to give direction to this enormous worktask ;

    ( at international level, this organization was the first to produce a fundamental matrix which established the overall framework for managing construction related indicators )


    the wide dissemination of practical planning, design, construction / de-construction, management and operation guidance ;


    the production of a sharp,  focused research and technical control agenda  - initially for the period up to 2010 .... and serious preparations should now be in train for the period 2011 - 2040.

  4. The Human Environment as Negative Internal Forcing on the Earth System

    Every 21st Century Designer must be trained, educated and skilled to have an intuitive understanding of the wide range and extent of his/her impacts on the Human & Natural Environments.  Before this can happen, however, scientific information concerning the Earth System must become reliable, accessible, convincing, and easily assimilated by non-scientists.

    IGBP-GAIM - Figure 2
    IGBP-GAIM - Figure 4

    A Pattern of Negative Trends

    The Earth System

    Click Here to Download PDF
    (PDF File, 198kb)

    Click Here to Download PDF
    (PDF File, 201kb)

    2005 Millennium EcoSystem Assessment Synthesis Report


    2001 Earth System Questions

    Click Here to Download PDF
    (PDF File, 315kb)

    ESSP - Earth System Science Partnership

    IGBP - International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

    WCRP - World Climate Research Programme

    IHDP - International Human Dimensions Programme

    DIVERSITAS - An International Programme of Biodiversity Science




You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Accessibility of PDF for people with disabilities



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