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Protection of Historical
Buildings & Archives from Fire




1. The Venice Charter : 1964  -  International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)

A Fire Defence Plan for an historical building must always, at the very least, incorporate a proper consideration of this Charter.

In order to be allowed maximum flexibility by an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in the development of an appropriate Fire Defence Plan, it is also advisable to work within generally agreed understandings, at international level, of the following ........

(a) Building, or Site, of Historical Importance ;
(b) Building, or Site, of Cultural Importance ;
(c) Building, or Site, of Architectural Importance.

Other Charters & Instruments.




2. Some Wider Issues for Consideration

Our aim must be to protect and conserve, but also to sustainably exploit the wealth and value of cultural, historical and architectural heritage as an important ingredient in 'social wellbeing'.

People with Activity Limitations
Those people, of all ages, who are unable to perform, independently and without aid, human activities or tasks - because of a health condition or physical / mental / cognitive / psychological impairment of a permanent or temporary nature.

Removing Physical Restrictions on Participation in Society

Protection of People with Activity Limitations from Fire

Structural Design for Fire

Sustainable Human and Social Development




3. Protection of Historical Buildings

Technology Ireland Magazine : March 1992

'Fire and Conservation'  - The approach outlined in this magazine article, by C.J. Walsh, would be similar to that undertaken for Buildings of Cultural or Architectural Importance.




4. Relevant Standards & Codes of Practice

National Fire Protection Association (USA)

NFPA 909 : 2001
Code for the (Fire) Protection of Cultural Resources
Published - 2001-02-09

NFPA 914 : 2001
Code for Fire Protection of Historic Structures
Published - 2001-02-09

British Standards Institution (GB)

BS 5454 : 2000
Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents
Published - 2000-04-15





5. Protection of Archives (Including Computer Data Media)

Storage Critical Values:

Storage of Small Items in Fire Protected Cabinets:

Large Volumes of Storage:

Traditional approaches to Fire Protected Room construction, which involve the use of concrete and/or masonry, are inherently unreliable for the purpose of archival material storage, especially very fragile / sensitive artefacts and computer data media.

We introduce the Modular Fire Protected Room , intended for installation in a building of framed construction, the structure of which has been designed with sufficient fire resistance performance .

This Room assures a protected environment for the duration of a fire incident, i.e. from Ignition until the end of the Cooling Phase of a Fire ........

Another version of the Modular Fire Protected Room has, itself, a robust construction which is capable of withstanding building collapse. This version of Room is suitable for installation in existing / historical buildings which do not have a frame structure.

Fire Protected Room in Southern Germany - 320 m2 ........

Please contact us directly




6. Substantiation of Fire Product / System Performance

Technical Guidance Note 95 /102 (b)
 Proper Evidence of a Fire Test Result within
the European Economic Area (EEA)

 Click here to Download PDF
 (PDF File, 64kb)


Technical Guidance Note 95 /103 (a)
Evaluation of Fire Performance by Assessment, Analysis &
Design Appraisal

Click here to Download PDF
(PDF File, 73kb)



7. Competent Persons (Fire Safety Design & Engineering) 

Technical Guidance Note 95 /104 (a)
Competent Persons
(Fire Safety Design & Engineering)

Click here to Download PDF
(PDF File, 69kb)



Some Pointers On How Not To Do Things !

L'Hotel de Ville (Stadhuis / Town Hall), Bruxelles, Belgique - Avril, 2000 .........

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