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Fire Related Data & Statistics

A coherent and sustainable Fire Engineering Philosophy - which is based on first principles, and derived from the observation of 'real' building performance and meaningful consultation with 'real' building users - is the major factor in formulating a practical and cost-effective approach to the development of the new fire engineering concepts which are demanded by modern building technology.

Compliance with minimum fire safety and protection performance, as specified in Legislation, Standards and Codes, will never be sufficient to liberate an architectural design which is complex and socially uplifting.

Two ingredients are essential to drive this continuously evolving process :

  • 'Real' Fire Data
    The inherent limitations of 'test' fire data and computer modelling based on unreal, artificial and/or half-baked assumptions must be understood.

    There can be no substitute for direct observation and detailed examination of 'real' fires in 'real' buildings which are occupied by 'real' people. The National Fire Protection Association (USA) provides a valuable service in this area by issuing Fire Investigation Reports.

  • Reliable Fire Statistics
    Use of statistics, especially in Risk Assessment, must be limited to those which can be shown to be impartial, reliable, objective, scientifically independent, cost-effective and statistically confidential.
    See also the EU Amsterdam Treaty (97/C 340/01) - New Article 213a in the TEC.




Request for Information on Fire Related Statistics
from Eurostat (1997-98), Luxembourg

Letter to Monsieur Yves Franchet, Director-General of Eurostat.
14 December 1997

Entirely Inadequate Response from Eurostat, Luxembourg
Reply from Daniel Byk.
6 May 1998

1998 Mission Statement of Eurostat, Luxembourg

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Request for Information on Fire Related Statistics & Disability from NFPA (2000), USA
Fax to Marty Ahrens, Fire Analysis & Research Division.
13 January 2000

Inadequate Response from NFPA, USA
Reply from Marty Aherns.
14 January 2000